Capture Your Grief Project–Day 1

October is Infant and Pregnancy Loss Awareness Month.  Carly Marie decided to have a project for all of those who have lost a baby to participate in this.  It is a project where we can express our grief through pictures.  Its a project for the healing process.  I have been so lucky to find such wonderful woman and organizations that have been helping me through this difficult time, a time I thought I would never have to encounter.

I will be taking on this project and enjoying this time to grieve and remember the beautiful moments we had with out sweet Lainey bug!  Today, October 1, I woke up so excited to get a picture of the sunrise, but the rain clouds took over the sky and I was unable to see the sunrise.  That didn’t stop me from seeing the beauty of the day!  I stood out on my front porch and captured the rain drops as they fell from the gray sky.  It was beautiful.  Those rain drops symbolize the tears I cry each day as I miss my Lainey, but they bring joy to me knowing that she is in Heaven with the Lord!


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